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My mission as the Inner Adventure Guide is to normalise adventure as an integral part of your personal development journey and wellbeing as a key ingredient of a successful businesses company culture.  

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Why would I go on an Inner Adventure

Burnout is real

Restoration is needed

The only way out is in

A great way in is to get outside

You don’t have to look very far to find plenty of reasons to feel the type of constant overwhelm that can shortcut even the most resilient of us to burning out personally and professionally.
My aim is to offer practices and solutions for both organisations and individuals to not only bounce back from setbacks and stress but to facilitate your wellness journey to greater resilience and success. 
Ie- practices that have been supporting and nourishing humans for thousands of years which have been put through the rigours of the scientific method and result in significant improvements. My offerings blend practices from the thousands of years of lineage of Hatha Yoga, Stoicism and Buddhism; as well as modern takes on Yoga Nidra & Yoni Shakti Therapeutic Yoga teachings.
What I offer are experiences that support the development of resilience, patience, stress-relief and creative problem solving, to name a few benefits. 

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Hello, I’m Liz Barile-Page your Inner Adventure Guide, whose practice focuses on helping intrepid souls navigate to a mindset of greater clarity of purpose,  direction and resiliance.

Liz Barile-Page

"Everything I do is in support of the health and wellness of people and the planet. I do this by offering ways to connect with both our inside worlds and outside environments in support of personal development and growth."

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