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Inner Adventure Guide Mindful Ink Drawing Workshop at Pukka Herbs
Inner Adventure Guide Mindful Ink Drawing Workshop at Pukka Herbs
Liz your Inner Adventure Guide Hosting a Guided Meditation at Pukka Herbs

Corporate and Personal Group offerings to support team and individual development.

Available onsite, as part of an event or in a selected offsite location.

Love from Workshop Participants...

I'm on a mission

A key part of my mission is to normalise wellbeing as part of the company culture of successful businesses. Making and creating time for your team to cultivate mindfulness and connection supports each member of your team to show up more calm and focused which in turn supports you all to bring your best selves into the workplace.

Mindfulness Ink Drawing

A combination of practice, play, learning and stress management. This workshop gives participants an insight into a modern day version of traditional mindfulness practices which creates space for everyone individually and collectively to step into a new frame of mind and reset. See video testimonials below....

Mindfulness for Sales Teams

Business development and sales teams are some of the toughest roles in a business. Havng spent nearly two decades in these types of roles accross at least 7 different industies, I know what it's like to face constant rejection and the need to work agily to strategize when targets aren't looming. Mindfulness practices support resilience, team harmony and creative decision making for these teams who are the lifeblood of any business.

Team Specific Guided Meditation

Bespoke guided meditation experiences created for your team, their goals and missions all grounded in nature and adventure based themes. See video testimonials below....

Resilience for SME's

Business owners and entrepreneurial start ups have more to do than time in the day. This workshop tailors traditional mindfulness practices to fit into busy lives and pack schedules.
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What is an 'Inner Adventure'?

The Inner Adventure is a metaphor for combining internal reflection and exercises with connection to nature and actual outdoor adventures. So bringing together well being and time in nature to facilitate team and personal development. Workshops can also just be totally indoors but created in a way that inspires connection to nature or in a way that is manageable in a corporate setting.

What Methodology are they based on?

In terms of methodology, all of my qualifications synthesize the frameworks and practices of traditional wisdom systems (meditation, stoicism, movement, breathwork, etc,) that have all been proven out through Western Science. Ie- practices that have been supporting and nourishing humans for thousands of years which have been put through the rigours of the scientific method and result in significant improvements. We have the field of Positive Psychology to thank for a lot of that work! Certifications include: Heroic Coach, 200 Yoga Teacher Training, Women's Health Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditation) Teacher Training, and of course all of my experience in the corporate world which helps me deeply understand the needs of participants; particularly sales teams.

What this looks like for an organistaion?

What this looks like for an organisation are experiences that support the development of resilience, patience, stress-relief and creative problem solving, to name a few benefits.  There is an incredible amount of burnout being seen in the corporate world. The stresses of work coupled with the stresses of this time are taxing individuals in a way that means they are not able to perform their best in any sphere of their life. The experiences I offer are not only a balm for burnout but also support an organisation who recognises the value of retaining their employees. A supportive company culture is paramount these days. Organisations offering the types of add on that I'm offering are sending signals to their employees that they care and are doing what they can to support them. Having worked at organisations on both sides of the spectrum, I know which one I felt more loyal to and who got that extra effort from me!

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